Local Town America

The Heart Of America is
Found In Local Towns

Your Town

Discover your town’s treasures. Learn about its history, schools, colleges, museums, businesses, events, parks, bike paths, nature trails and local sports. See it’s spirit, its people, buildings, land and views. These are the treasures that are often overlooked by the people who live in your town.

The Media

The media focuses on a Washington filled with divided, power hungry politicians. It features angry rabble-rousers, violence, and criminals. It provokes fear for the future. They show very little good news and if you pay much attention to it, you will have a very distorted view of America.

The Real America

Real America is found in local towns and not in Washington. Know the local people. Listen to their voice and hear what they think. Learn about what’s good, their contributions and personal sacrifices. Notice what they build and create. The Heart of America is found in local towns.

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